Roxy Renaissance Cinema | Re-opened March 15, 2013 | Closed September 28,2020

Seven years: the Renaissance!

The Roxy is one of Nürnberg’s oldest and best loved movie theaters. Owned by the Kiesel family from 1950 to 2013, the theater brought the latest American and English-language movies to homesick GIs, to students learning English, and to adventurous moviegoers of all ages.

Re-opended in March 2013 under new management, and until it closed in September 2020, the Roxy Renaissance kept its “neighborhood cinema” feeling. We were proud to honor the Kiesel Family tradition of quality movies for all ages. Our guests liked bringing the whole family for a fun-filled afternoon, joining us for an evening show, or the late show for a more intense, thought-provoking movie experience.

The Roxy community of film lovers and language fans heartily welcomed visitors to Nürnberg, and many visitors to the city included the Roxy Renaissance Cinema on your “can’t-miss” list! Located just south of the “Südfriedhof” stop on the #5 Streetcar line, at Julius-Loßmann-Straße 116, the cinema waits to be re-awakened by the new management.

Watch the story of the Roxy before 2013 here!